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Behcet’s Syndrome Market By Type, By Route of Administration & Forecast 2023-2032

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Increasing Prevalence of Behcet’s Syndrome and Increase in Initiatives by Market Players Drive the Growth of the Behcet’s Syndrome Market

Behcets disease is an inflammatory and non-contagious ailment which can disturb several parts of the body. The reason of this disease is still unidentified but it is thought to be partially genetic. This condition often grows with the passage of time. Identification for Behcets disease is founded on at least three instances of mouth sores in a year together with at least two genital sores, skin sores, eye inflammation, a positive skin prick test.

Main factors that boost the market growth are the growth in incidences of Behcets disease worldwide. For instance, as per the American Behcets Disease Association (ABDA) there are roughly 16,000-20,000 cases of Behcet's disease in the U.S. and this disease is most dominant in Turkey in which almost 400 cases for each 100,000 individuals have been witnessed.

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The global demand for Behcet’s syndrome market was predicted to be about USD 15 million in 2022, and by the end of 2031, existing and expected developments would hit valuations of around USD 32 million. The industry players and analysts predict the global Behcet’s syndrome market growth of around 7% in terms of CAGR. During the forthcoming years, the increase in incidences of Behcets disease is expected to upsurge the market growth. Moreover, technological advances in healthcare industry and increasing R&D spending by the administration will support in creating profitable openings for important market players. However, dearth of awareness among people and healthcare specialists will act as a restriction for the growth of this market.

Some of the leading and top Behcet’s syndrome companies in the global Behcet’s syndrome market include Creabilis Ltd., Cell Medica Limited, Actelion Ltd., Abbott Laboratories, Novartis AG, Les Laboratoires, Servier SAS, AbbVie Inc., Celgene Corporation, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. among others. The leading five players such as AbbVie Inc., Celgene Corporation, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Abbott Laboratories, Novartis AG hold around 40% market share of the global Behcet’s syndrome market.

On the basis of type, the global Behcet’s syndrome market can be segmented into ocular-Behcet, vasculo-Behcet, and neuro-Behcet with the ‘neuro-Behcet’ category having the leading market share of about 45 percent, closely followed by the “ocular-Behcet” category at about 30 percent of the global Behcet’s syndrome market share. Based on route of administration, the Behcet’s syndrome market is segmented into oral and injectable. In terms of geography, North America region held the leading market share of around 40% among other regions such as Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa in the global Behcet’s syndrome market.

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