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Wheel Alignment Machine Market Analysis By Technology, By Product Type, By Mobility, By Vehicle Type & Forecast 2023-2032

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Global Wheel Alignment Machine Market Is Growing Due To Increasing Number Of Automobiles In Use, And The Need To Adopt Advanced Technology For Improved Efficiency.

Wheel alignment technology advances continuously with the introduction of new types and models of vehicles, engines, transmissions/ transaxles, steering and electronic suspensions. Wheel alignment flaws can have an impact on the ride, engine performance, steering, tyre wear, and premature component failure. The correct setting of each linked suspension angle is wheel alignment. Caster, camber, toe-in, steering axis inclination (SAI), vehicle ride height, and toe out on turns are the adjustment angles that are known by these terms in alignment terminology.

The market for wheel alignment systems is primarily driven by the rising demand for passenger and vehicle safety. One of a vehicle's highly complicated components is the constant velocity (CV) joint. The front wheels are equipped with steering and driving capabilities owing to the constant velocity (CV) joint and its components, including the CV axle. Due to improper steering operation, misaligned wheels can damage a vehicle's tyres, reduce fuel efficiency, or even result in vehicle accidents. As a result, wheel alignment is advised to be performed every six months or 10,000 kilometres by vehicle manufacturers.

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The worldwide demand for wheel alignment machine market was estimated at around USD 709 million in 2021, and by the end of 2031, existing and expected developments would hit valuations of around USD 1,246 million. The industry players and analysts predict theglobal wheel alignment machine marketgrowth of around 5.8% in terms of CAGR. The global demand for automotive wheel alignment machines is anticipated to grow as a result of factors such as regulations put in place by regulatory bodies to ensure the safety of vehicles and passengers, rising vehicle production and sales, high levels of disposable income among individuals, and the desire to adopt cutting-edge technology for increased productivity. The demand for automotive wheel aligners is expected to rise throughout the forecast period due to an increase in maintenance and repair operations as well as manufacturers increasing attention to the development of robotic wheel alignment equipment.

The market for automotive wheel alignment machines is likely to face challenges during the forecast period due to factors such as installation costs and the need for experienced labour for wheel alignment machine repair and maintenance. However, the trend toward using better technology and equipment to achieve better results will boost demand for wheel alignment machines during the course of the projection period.

Some of the leading and top wheel alignment machine companies in the global market include Hunter Engineering Company, Atlas Auto Equipment, Eagle Equipment, RAVAmerica, Sunrise Instruments Private Limited, Delta Equipments, Hofmann TeSys, Snap-on Incorporated, Fori Automation, Manatec Electronics Private Limited, Vehicle Service Group (A Dover Company) and among others.

On the basis of technology, the worldwide wheel alignment machine market can be segmented into CCD Wheel Alignment Machine, and 3D Wheel Alignment Machine. In terms of product type, global wheel alignment machine market can be segmented into Imaging Wheel Alignment Machine, and Diagnostic Wheel Alignment Machine. On the basis of mobility, the market can be bifurcated into Fixed, and Portable. On the basis of Vehicle Type the market is classified into Passenger, Commercial, and Others. In terms of geography, the global wheel alignment machines market is classified into North America, Europe, Asia pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa.

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